Tips on Selecting a Lawyer

Unlike a few eons ago these days one lawyer does not handle all legal aspects. It’s the era of specialists and lawyers too have diversified to exclusively deal with some specific aspects of law.

So, what you must do when the need for legal counsel arises is to hire a lawyer who is an expert on what you need. Lawyers must be hired based on their experience and qualifications and not on their age, good looks, charm, nice office, or polite receptionist.

To select the ideal lawyer you must:

1. Make a thorough survey. Surf the net, look at yellow pages, ask the Bar Association for suggestions. Then make a short list of lawyers who may fit the bill.

2. Check each lawyer completely. Get references and check them out. Find out how long the lawyer has been in practice, the number of cases handled in the field you require, and the success rate. abogados laborales medellin

3. Determine what each lawyer charges and his way of functioning. You do not want a lawyer who will take the file and hand it over to a junior. You need a lawyer who will handle the case himself.

4. Meet with the lawyer and go prepared with a file on your case and a list of relevant questions which will help you decide on whether the lawyer is perfect

5. Check with all local bar associations to check whether the lawyer you are considering has a good reputation and whether there are any complaints against him.

6. Find out whether the lawyer is a member of local, state, or national associations. The World Wide Web is a good source of information.

7. Check the lawyer’s bio-data carefully and read through any brochures the firm may have.

8. Weigh the pros and cons of hiring a large firm versus small firm or lawyer practicing alone.

9. Determine how much experience the lawyer has in cases like yours and his extent of knowledge and expertise. He must be able to take the required action without having to “think about it.”

Take a moment to mull on what kind of legal service you require and whether it will be one-time or repetitive. And, whether or not you will get along with the lawyer you choose. For effective handling of legal files the lawyer-client synchrony is crucial and there must be a bond and understanding between the two for the relationship to work.


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