The Art Of Letting Go 


Neptune Conjunct South Node 


Neptune conjunct South Node is an encouragement to at long last drop what isn’t working any longer. Release it.  jupiter planet


All that has been covered up and stifled rises to the top, to be recognized and mended, before we can at long last give up and proceed onward. But it is quite difficult. 


The South Node is our Karma, our place of solace. We have the regular propensity to be responsive and permit past examples of involvement to rehash the same thing. 


We pick a similar kind of partner, notwithstanding a history of connections finishing for similar reasons. 


We continue deferring surrendering a negative propensity, imagining that one last extravagance will be the last. 


The impulse to remain there, mislead, and think, “hello, however that is me, and I’m doing this hence” is solid. 


Yet, you can change that. The appropriate response is consistently in the North Node, the contrary sign structure the South Node. 


For this, we need to leave the previous where it should be – before, with every one of its schedules and solaces. We need to LET GO. 


What do you have to relinquish? What considerations, propensities, and connections keep you stuck and make pointless pressure in your life? 


Here are three activities you can attempt to help you all the while: 


The “Neptune” exercise:


Take a pen and two bits of paper. 


Would you be able to think about an illustration for your past? Draw on the main piece of paper the picture that rings a bell. 


After you finish, close your eyes and picture your future. Would you be able to think about an allegory for your future? Presently open your eyes and draw it on the second piece of paper. 


Your past is the South Node, and your future is the North Node – take a gander at the two drawings to get any signs. What would you be able to begin doing tomorrow to carry you nearer to your North Node? 


The “South Node” works out. 


Record three things that you are clutching that are done serving you. 


I’m hanging on to_________________________________________ 


I’m hanging on to_________________________________________ 


I’m hanging on to_________________________________________ 


Pick one of these three things, and arrange to release it. 


The “Node Rebalancing” works out. 


Take a mirror – hold it into your dominant hand. Investigate the mirror. Maintain eye contact with you for, in any event, 2 minutes. What do you see? How would you feel? What contemplations, sentiments, recollections come to you? Presently move the mirror in your non-predominant hand and look once more. What do you see? How would you feel now?




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